Click on the “Registration Package” button below to download a copy of all the registration material that is sent by mail (The Package). It contains the Course Grid (compilation of course times, rooms, etc.), course descriptions, etc. Once you have it downloaded, you can print any pages you wish. You’ll definitely need the parking permit and perhaps the campus map. We suggest that you also print the Course Grid and use it to record the classes you want to take before you download the online registration form (see below). Please note that the Package contains mail-in registrations forms for you to use if you choose to go that path; however, you should note that the online form affords you some time advantage. Please see the online form for more information.

Click on the “Online Registration Form” button to download the online form. The form contains all the instructions you’ll need to complete and submit it. Please be sure you’ve written down the names/course numbers of all the courses you want to take before you download the online form.

Please note that online payment is not yet available. Please see the online form for further details.